NanoGreen TEX

NanoGreen TEX is a Green Technology-based solution for transforming textiles to ones that kill microbes. Just imagine now the hospital textiles, hotel textiles, socks, sofas, towels, bedcovers and sportswear with NanoGreen TEX.

  • NanoGreen TEX are nanocaspules made of biocompatible natural polymers loaded with natural (herbal) extracts that have antimicrobial effects.
  • NanoGreen TEX nanocaspules are designed to be added to the textile and yarn during its normal manufacturing process, thus eliminating the need for adding extra equipment; rendering the process cost-effective.

NanoGreenTEX Products

NanoGreen TEX solutions to be provided to the textiles industry to be added during normal step of the manufacturing process with no need for extra equipment.

NanoGreen TEX spray that is provided as an aerosol to the final consumers to be sprayed over their clothes, furniture textile, carpets and others thus covering then a naturally based antimicrobial coat.

NanoGreenTEX Market

  • NanoGreen TEX is working in direct connection with the textile industry to make sure that the product fits easily and effectively in the normal manufacturing process.
  • Additionally, the product is developed according to the needs and recommendations of the textile manufacturers.
  • The antimicrobial textiles market size is estimated, in 2015, to be valued at 497.4 Million USD, and is projected to reach 1,076.1 Million USD, by 2026, at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2016 to 2026. In essence, it is a highly growing market worldwide. Hence, NanoGreen TEX’s primarily target market is the Middle East textile industry with initial focus on Egypt’s textiles industry. Just as, textiles industry represents the largest fraction of the Egyptian economy. It comprises 1500 manufacturers, whereas, the majorities are equipped with state of-the-art machinery. On the other hand, the only three companies manufacturing antimicrobial textiles, which are exported to Europe and US, they import the antimicrobial solution from BASF chemicals. Thus, there is a huge market demand for locally manufactured antimicrobial textiles in the MENA region (according to our market interviews with reliable representatives from the textile industry). Downstream, with the growth of NanoGreen TEX, different formulations derived from natural products are planned to be introduced to the international textile industries. And that is based on the fact that, there are no green antimicrobial solutions for textiles, thus far.