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How can I become a nanotechnologiest?

  • You can apply for any science, engineering or medical degree as an undergraduate and then join a nanotechonlogy program as a gradate student.
  • Some colleges provide the nano-studies degree in the undergraduate level. Just hit the contact us tab and drop us an email to help you in searching and finding the program that suites you the best.

Why is green nanotechnology your main concern?

  • Nanotechnology helps us in understanding and dealing with materials on an atomic level, the thing the changed a lot of stuff about almost all materials we knew decades ago. Moreover, science and technology has been, unfairly, accused for contributing in environmental damages. Meanwhile, Nano science and technology could be carrying the solution for many global issues.
  • We are only using green nanotechnology, because we believe that it is time care for earth’s resources more than ever.

Is the future of nanotechnology vague?

  • Nanotechnology has been in the science laboratories since the 1980’s, but, not everything about it is yet discovered. And this is leaving a room for more discoveries either about their advantages or disadvantages.

How do you work on the nanoscale?

  • Working on nanoscale, can be carried out in a simple lab or in a well equipped clean room. But in the former case you will need a highly equipped lab for the characterization in further stages.
  • So far, Egypt has plenty of labs and equipments that can help you in your work on the nanoscale.


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