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How does it feel to be in the nanoscale?

  • The world you see everyday is on a scale of meters and kilometers (thousands of meters). Nanometer is one billionthof a meter.  The nanoscale is 1000 times smaller than one hair.
  • One hair to you, if you are in the nanoscale is like a school bus to an ant.

Is Nano so important?

  • After zooming in to the nanoscale, we understood how so many stuff worked. Starting from the small tiny cell in your body to the satellites taking from billions of mills away.
  • Yes, imagine you decided to shrink and get into an apple to discover every small cell in there. You will proabbaly first meet a punch of cells then if you zoomed in more you will get to meet with these small tiny apparatus in every cell working torether like machines in a facotry.
  • Now, that you saw those apparatus working in harmony and you understood how they manage to give you that shinny apple you eat in your apple pie, you will be able to solve in problem in that small factories inside your apple.
  • So it is the same for us, but instead of shrinking we just use advanced tools like electron microscope to zoom in different stuff. We go work there in that small scale to have control over every tiny process .
  • Father of nanotechnology in the 1980’s discovered that if we built a Lego house on the nano scale it will be completely different than that one you build with your own Lego. Since then, scientists decided they want to know how things behave and act when they are that little. So the nanoscale helps us understand why things happen at the smallest possible scale. Once we understand things on the nanoscale we can apply this knowledge in solving different problems in the world to make people live better lives

Have I ever met with nano in my life?

  • Your body is made up of organs just like a book made up from pages… Organs are built up from cells , like pages are written in ink….and cells are assembled from small tiny nano stuff just like ink assemble to form letters and words.
  • So, yes, you have been living with things that are made up from nano materials since you were born.
  • And now that we are in 2017, you probably have been using a sleeping sheet  that is covered in nano coats or a bag that is coated in an anti dirt coat which is made of nano.  Or maybe even the sun screen you use in your summer vacation is made up of small tiny balls that protect your skin from harmfull UV rays.

What will I do when am a nanotechnologiest?

  • Nanotechnologist is the one who do thing using the science of nano. Nanotechnologiest can make food, medicines, build machines and even cars and aero planes from small tiny nanomaterials.
  • One of the very exciting things about scientists who work in nanotechnology is that they can build a very small robot that is called nanobots. And of course they can build a lot of other small machines too.
  • Scientists who study nano can choose to just stay studying and understanding everything this small tiny nano does. So that when there is a problem they could use their knowledge and information about nano to solve it.

Can any one become a nanotechnologiest?

  • Yes, if he or she believes in it with their heart.
  • Wait a second….and of course, they will have to study nano- science.


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