About Us


We are a group of scientists that have been working in research and academia for years. This has made us realize the huge gap between the industry and research in general and between the community and green nanotechnology more specifically. This was what initiated NanoGreen Hub. In NanoGreen Hub we are working with the top expertise in green nanotechnology education and research to close that gap. In NanoGreen Hub we reach out to different industries, listen to the problems they have, to the new innovations they need. Then we work with them on solving those problems and bringing out new innovations. On the other hand, we are reaching out to school, undergraduate and graduate students to connect them with the power of green nanotechnology so as to participate in bringing out a generation that can utilize such power to solve our community and industry problems as well as introduce new innovations that are able to compete globally.

Meet Our Team

Wessam Sarhan. PhD

Wessam Sarhan. PhD

Founder, CEO of NanoGreen Hub & Project Manager of NGTech

Wessam is the founder and CEO of NanoGreen Hub and the project manager of NGtech project. Wesam has previously co-founded NanoEbers start-up company for nano-based wound dressings and 3D scaffolds. Wessam is mainly interested in applied research that will be developed into products that will affect and enhance peoples lives as well as drive economies and create new markets. Wessam holds a PhD in nanotechnology from the American University in Cairo and a masters degree in microbiology from Zagazig University and have graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University. As an academic, Wessam is currently a lecturer of Nanomedecine at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Institute of Drug discovery at Kafr-Elshikh University. Wessam has several international publications and a patent in the field of green antimicrobial dressing. She has also coauthored an international book about commercializing nanobased innovations. She has extensive experience in nano-based formulations for drug delivery and tissue engineering, electrospinning for different applications as well as natural antimicrobials and bacteriophages.

Worood El-Mehalmey. MSc

Worood El-Mehalmey. MSc

Co-Founder, COO of NanoGreen Hub & Project Manager of NanoGreen TEX

She is the Co-Founder and COO of NanoGreen Hub and Project Manager of NanoGreen TEX. Worood is mainly interested in connecting the advanced research to the different industrial sectors to develop and upgrade present products. She holds a Master degree in nanotechnology from the American University in Cairo (AUC) and bachelor degree from faculty of pharmacy, Misr International University (MIU). She was awarded the University fellowship, thesis grant as well as the graduate student of honor from the School of science and engineering, AUC, for her academic achievement throughout her graduate study. Worood is currently a teaching assistant (TA) in the chemistry department at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and research assistant (RA) in the center of materials science at Zewail City of Science and Technology (ZCST). This made her know how to manage a research project skillfully, is guiding and monitoring the NanoGreen TEX’s product development. Her experience in research and industry will aid in testing the compatibility of the innovation with the equipment available in the market.She has extensive experience in nanomaterials synthesis and characterization in addition to the chemical modification and synthesis of porous polymers and metal organic frameworks (MOFs). Worood has coauthored a chapter discussing the advanced organic Nano-porous materials; Synthesis, characterization and applications in an international book volume; Nanomaterials and Nanostructures.

Ghada  AlTaher

Ghada AlTaher

Technology Management Executive of NGpack

Ghada AlTaher holds a master degree in Nanotechnology from the American University in Cairo. She is passionate about the emerging new trends bridging business and technology innovations. Currently she is a partner in NGTech and she is supporting the execution of NGTechs' management and commercialization projects. She mentored and coauthored an interesting book about nanotech management which is published by Springer publishing Co. She used to work in the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA), where she assisted and consulted pharma companies in abiding by the current regulations that govern the registration and marketing of human drugs in the Egyptian market.

Salma Fouad

Salma Fouad

Research Executive Officer of NanoGreen TEX

Salma Fouad is M.Sc holder, Food-Chemistry, American university in Cairo (AUC). In 2012, SalmaJoined AUC as a graduate student and worked as teaching assistant in the chemistry department. In2013, Salma joined Zewail city for science and technology where she worked as teaching assistant inthe chemistry department. In 2015, Salma shifted from the academic to the industrial field throughworking as product development assistant manager at Savola Food Company (innovationdepartment). She is mainly developing new products/ processes in different countries within theMENCA region as well as tackling technical issues on industrial scale. Salma was awarded theUniversity fellowship, thesis grant as well as the graduate student of honor from the School of scienceand engineering, AUC, for her academic achievement throughout her graduate study. Also, Salmawas awarded the “TechConnect2016 Global Innovation Awardee”, Washington DC, USA, for theinnovation titled “Herbal-bioplastic Nanofibers for wound dressing”.

Meet our Advisory Board

Dr. Sabine Anagnostou

Prof. Anagnostou is currently the Director of the Drug Discovery and Research at Alpinia Institute for drug discovery. She studied pharmacy at the University of Würzburg , she received her PhD degree at the Institute for the History of Pharmacy at the Philipps-Universität Marburg . In 2000, she was awarded " summa cum laude " as Dr. rer. Nat. Promoted. Her dissertation received the "Carmen Francés Prize" of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy in 2003. From 2001 to 2004, she was a scholarship holder of the German Research Association for "Hospitals in Central Europe and the countries of Spanish-America as places for the transfer of medicine and knowledge (16th-18th century)". From 2010, she was a private tutor and in 2011 she received the Dalberg Prize for her postdoctoral dissertation from the academy of non-profit sciences at Erfurt . Dr. Anagnostou has more than 40 publications and numerous lectures. In May 2013, she was appointed professor in Marburg but joined the industry on 30 June. She continues to work as a university lecturer in Marburg. Since 2012 she is President of the German Society for the History of Pharmacy . Since 2004 she is a member of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy . And since 2011 she is a member of the Académie Intérnationale d'Histoire de la Farmacie as a "specialist for missionary medicine, ie the knowledge of medicinal plants brought by the monks from the colonies".


Dr.Roque is a share holder in the Wolf Greenfield Firm for Intellectual property law in Boston. He is involved in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications focusing in the areas of biotechnology, cellular and molecular biology, drug delivery, medical therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining the firm, Dr.Roque served as a Senior Research Associate with Boston Biomedical Research Institute where he studied the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of intracellular calcium in skeletal and cardiac muscle. During his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin Medical School Departments of Physiology, Anesthesiology and Pediatrics, Dr. Roque studied the regulation of purified skeletal and cardiac ryanodine receptors and dihydropyridine receptors by endogenous intracellular modulators as well as drugs. He also studied the effects of recombinant growth hormone therapy on growth and renal function in an experimental model of compromised kidney function. Dr. Roque has authored and co-authored over 20 articles in journals including Biochemistry, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Biophysical Journal, and American Journal of Physiology.

Who we are?


NanoGreen Hub is dedicated to awaken the community awareness about Green Nanotechnology and how it can be integrated into every kind of industry through the most possible sustainable routes leading to more efficient sustainable products that will participate in ensuring a more sustainable future.


INDUSTRY prototype and green nano-based solutions

In NanoGreen Hub we utilize green nanotechnology to solve current industrial problems as well as introduce new innovations to different industries allowing them to gain new market shares.

EDUCATION workshops and trainnings on green-nanotechnology

NanoGreen Hub serves as a platform to enhance sustainability in different sectors through spreading green nanotechnological education in the community. NanoGreen Hub offers highly specialized workshops and trainings in collaboration with the top experts in the field.


We know we can if we believe…We’ll make the change we want to see

Sustainability is the road to safe and prosperous future.

We respect and appreciate diversity and group work and we believe they are the road to remarkable innovations and true success.

We believe that being honest and genuine with yourself and with others allow for a healthy growth.

Keep moving forward.


We are seeking fund to make NanoGreen Hub a highly equipped permanent platform for Industry-driven green nanotechnology research, training and education. If you feel that NanoGreen Hub is an essential platform that would help in connecting the region to nanogreen technology and innovation, Kindly knock our doors and support us.