About NanoGreen 4 Industry

“There is a missing link between research and industry, there is also no trust between us.” These were the words of an important representative of the industry.

We in NanoGreen Hub are building that trust and strengthening that link between research and Industry. We realized that the first step to strengthen the link with the industry is through listening to them. To their problems and needs. Our highly experienced team as well as our top expert collaborators work on utilizing green nanotechnology to find innovative, cost effective solutions to such problems and needs.

In Nanogreen Hub we serve the industry through:

1- Consultancy: we perform full analysis of the problem/need in the industry and we offer a group of cost effective green nanotechnology based solutions. It is one of our major commitments that our solutions are environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Additionally, one of our main considerations is to decrease the cost and infrastructure required for implementing that solution.  We offer a feasibility study for the selected solution by the industry.

2-Prototype development:  Our experienced team works on developing a prototype for the selected solution by the industry.

3-Trainning: we offer Full training to the staff of the industry to enable them to implement, use and develop the new solutions/innovations.