Who we are?


NanoGreen Hub is dedicated to awaken the community awareness about Green Nanotechnology and how it can be integrated into every kind of industry through the most possible sustainable routes leading to more efficient sustainable products that will participate in ensuring a more sustainable future.


INDUSTRY prototype and green nano-based solutions

In NanoGreen Hub we utilize green nanotechnology to solve current industrial problems as well as introduce new innovations to different industries allowing them to gain new market shares.

EDUCATION workshops and trainnings on green-nanotechnology

NanoGreen Hub serves as a platform to enhance sustainability in different sectors through spreading green nanotechnological education in the community. NanoGreen Hub offers highly specialized workshops and trainings in collaboration with the top experts in the field.


We know we can if we believe…We’ll make the change we want to see

Sustainability is the road to safe and prosperous future.

We respect and appreciate diversity and group work and we believe they are the road to remarkable innovations and true success.

We believe that being honest and genuine with yourself and with others allow for a healthy growth.

Keep moving forward.


We are seeking fund to make NanoGreen Hub a highly equipped permanent platform for Industry-driven green nanotechnology research, training and education. If you feel that NanoGreen Hub is an essential platform that would help in connecting the region to nanogreen technology and innovation, Kindly knock our doors and support us.